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Excellent! Very informative, Professional. Favourite sections: Tables, Functions/formulas, Data Validation, Conditional Formatting. Very professional, interesting and interactive.
Loraine vR

The content was very well compiled - perfect for people who have a very basic knowledge of Excel but do not really have an idea of how much you can really do with it. Paste Special was my ultimate favourite. The course was very well presented - the content was perfectly put together and the Presenter was in control the whole time. This was my first exposure to a webinar, I think it was brilliant.
Michelle B

There might have been a few things I have already new. But even when I new something - there was something more to be learned with it. I really enjoyed every session. Thank you for explaining so well. Favourite = V-lookup. I knew how to protect the workbook but not that you could just do a block at a time. Sometimes I would have liked to do the step myself, but the recordings helped with that. Can't Excel also make coffee? Just a joke... Thank you so much for all the help, and thank you for not being boring.
Latitia S

Learned so much! Favourite sections included VLOOKUP, sorting, and formatting. Nothing to improve, just want to learn more and more.... - the only limitation to Excel is me :) Very interactive and not intimidating at all.
Christina K

Awesome, absolutely awesome. I have attended 8 hours courses in the past but with this webinar I have learned the most by far. Favourite sessions were Tables and Text files (Week 2), Vlookup and Hlookup (Week 3), Sorting data and Auto Filter (Week 5) and Conditional Formatting. Please don't change anything. My experience was that this was a one-on-one. Nothing to improve, as I said, this was like watching a series on TV - I could not wait for the next "episode".
Karen K

I learned a lot of Excel functions that I did not know of. It will make my work much easier. My favourites were: Conditional formatting, Absolute references, Tables and subtotals, and Comparing two workbooks side by side. Shane is a great presenter, easy to listen to. Content is also easy to understand, presentations are done well.
Lisa-Anne dB

The course was very informative for me as I do not work much in Excel. Firstly, all the shortcuts, sorting data, and graphs. Everything was new to me and I learned ALOT!!!!! I was very happy with the presentation, amazing that people all over the world can link and learn.